VW Bay Window Heated Front Windscreen 1967 - '79

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VW Bay Window Heated Front Windscreen 1967 - '79

BHeated front windscreen glass. Laminated and E-marked. Fits T2 Bays from 1967 to 1979, and Brazilian made Bays.

Dimensions: Centre height 580mm and width across the curve at the widest point 1555mm. All dimensions have a tolerance of ± 3mm.

Please Note: Due to the size and fragile nature of this product, it must be collected from Bosswerks in Stoke - on - Trent, Staffordshire

Wiring and Electrical Advice:

The screen has a Dual Circuit ie: a heated element on the Left side of the windscreen and another heated element on the Right side of the windscreen (With + & - connection wires on both the left and right hand sides of the heated windscreen - creating the Dual Circuit Heating Element)

It requires 2 x 25amp Relays (1 relay for each side of the screen. The typical current draw is 14-15 amps per circuit/side (but this can vary), so 25amp relays are recommended along with installation wire which is rated for over 25Amps - Warning: Do not use lower amp rated wire that cannot cope with the high amperage needs of a heated screen as it could result in damage / fire )

The two relays are then connected to a single master on/off switch (Wired to an ignition + Live)

It is also advised to use a delayed 'Auto Off' timer in line (after the on/off switch and before the 2 x 25amp Relays) so that the heated screen would auto power down if you forget to switch it off.

(A recommended addition for safety and preventing unwanted battery drain (Bare in mind the screen will draw approx 30Amps in total so the battery will drain quickly if it is left on accidentally!)

Screen Installation Instructions:

The windscreen is installed in the same way as a standard windscreen - with the below exceptions and additional requirements:

It is 100% NECESSARY to use Arbomast Auto Grade Black sealant (Or equivalent Auto Grade Sealant) to seal the glass to/with/into the main windscreen rubber screen seal This is vital as the heatedscreen can fail quickly and delaminate if water gets into the rubber seal / glass - as the metal 'foil' in the heating element / laminate is venerable if not properly sealed. Hence the need to add the sealant.

Part number. BW210001
OEM Part number. BW210001

Any questions, please ask